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Field Day Workouts & Group Hikes, June 22-23

Join us at Centennial Middle School track for some super fun field day workouts on Saturday, and then a group hike on Sunday!


Classes will be at 8:30am and 9:30am. The gym will be closed this whole weekend, so try something new at the track!


We will be doing a group hike up Mt. Sanitas led on the 90-min mark. First group will be heading out at 8am, and our second group will be heading out at 9:30am. Come out, meet new people and have some fun on one of Boulder’s most popular hikes. Meet us at the trailhead sign where the trails converge at the beginning.

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The Weekly Preview 061719 *Schedule Notes

Happy Father’s Day to all of you rad dads out there!

We have a lot going on this week, so take note of a few dates. We will be performing the Member of the Month workout this next Wednesday. To learn more about Erin, read our member of the month spotlight blog post.

Also the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd we will be hosting outdoor WODs as our gym will be used for the last-ever CrossFit Weightlifting course held in the United States. Saturday we will be going to Centennial Middle School at 8:30am and 9:30am for a little fun in the sun! On Sunday we will be doing a group hike with two different start times. First group will be heading out at 8am, and our second group will be heading out at 9:30am. Come out, meet new people and have some fun on one of Boulders most popular hikes. More details here.


Front Squats and Man Makers… what else could you ask for?!


A little burner of jump rope and core work along with some gymnastics skill progressions.

Wednesday: Spotlight Workout

Member of the Month WOD

Every 4min until failure
20/15 Cal Bike
12 Push Jerk at 115#/75#
12 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Strict Pull-Ups
*Cap is 24min (6 Rounds)
*Once you cannot complete rounds, row for max cals until 24min is met.
So everyone is working for 24min!

The focus of today is on muscular endurance and stamina. This workout will build fast and leave you wondering if you paced properly. Do you go out fast, so you can build in more rest; or do you take this workout as if it was a long AMRAP and use the time you have to chip away at the weights, but have limited rest periods? You decide!

This is a special workout because no matter what, you will be working for 24 minutes. Erin loves endurance WODs, but likes the challenge that “Death By” workouts provide, so you get a little bit of both. As the workout will be scored first by how far you got on part A and then scored second by how many calories you were able to rack up on part B.


Lets just say you get to test a running benchmark along with a weightlifting benchmark in the same day!


Back to benchmark Friday with some classic strict gymnastics strength work.

Saturday: 8:30am and 9:30am Centennial Middle School Track

KBS, Running, and Push-Ups

Sunday: 8am and 9:30am

Meet at the Mount Sanitas Trail Head at either of the above start times!

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The Weekly Preview 061019

Summer looks like it is finally here and we will be taking some WODs outside this week for fun in the sun! Monday We are going to focus on moving our bodyweight around. In this strictly gymnastics workout we will be spending some time on our hands and our feet. Tuesday: Focus workout of the […]

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Go-Kart Fun w/ the Coaches at Unser Racing!

YES! I’ve been trying to make this event happen for a year and now it’s finally here! If you’ve never been to Unser Racing, just imagine those go-karts you would ride as a kid, and turn it up to 11! These things require motorcycle helmets because they can go over 50mph on straightaways. Take this […]

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Movie Night This Friday: Incredibles 2!

We have a 15-foot screen and HD projector that make for an awesome movie experience in the comfort of your own gym. Bring some snacks, a bean bag, steal the couch from the lobby, and enjoy a fun night out! Non-members and all ages are welcome! Movie rules do apply so please be courteous of the […]

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Free Yoga & Breakfast at the Gym, June 30

Kelly Kenworthy, the owner of The Little Yoga Studio and the coolest yoga instructor out there, is coming to Sanitas on Sunday, June 30th to offer you a free yoga class designed specifically for CrossFitters and our training over the month of June. This class will be before classes start on Sunday so the gym is […]

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The Weekly Preview 060319

Monday Let’s get right into summer with our good friend Jerry — some running, a bit of rowing, and more running. Tuesday: Focus Workout of the Week! We will work on some gymnastics skills in a longer AMRAP by hanging with another good buddy today: “Nate” Today we are going all-in for a 20min AMRAP […]

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June Bottom of the Squat Challenge and May Challenge Winner!

During the month of May we worked on shoulders by completing the Crossover Symmetry Activation series and Iron-Scap routine as many days as possible. It was awesome to see how active everyone was at getting to the gym early to do the routine as well as staying after to finish up their workout. Even the […]

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June Member of the Month: Erin Eastwood

Erin is our Member of the Month for June! She has been an amazing addition to the CrossFit Sanitas community. She has been a part of our wonderful community for 1.5 years but it feels like far longer. Erin celebrated her 1-year anniversary at CrossFit Sanitas in February by competing in our annual Tuff Love […]

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Mixed Modal Memorial Monday “Murph” The man has come again to collect dues and he needs to be paid on Monday. No time cap. Finish what you start. Listen to this before: Insanity Tuesday Murph isn’t a walk in the park, that’s why you should come in and “Keep ya core tight, y’all because this […]

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