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Everything You Need to Know for the 2017 CrossFit Open at Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas

The annual worldwide CrossFit Open competition kicks off this Thursday. If you can deadlift 85 pounds (55 pounds for a woman), do single-under jump rope, and raise your knees to perpendicular while hanging from a bar, you will score points in the CrossFit Open!

And there’s nothing like this 325,000 person worldwide online event (from 175 countries) to offer you the thrill of competition without having to leave the supportive environment of our very own box. You can see how you compare to others within Sanitas, within Colorado, within your age range, etc. and with the fun supportive environment that surrounds the Open you’re likely to get a PR or two.

Last year Sanitas had more than 120 athletes competing, and this year we’re encouraging everyone to compete once again. If you’re likely to come to more than 2-3 Fridays over the next 5 weeks, then you should join our team and sign up!

Sign up for The OPEN for just $20

Here’s how it works over the next 5 weeks:

  • Every Thursday at 6p the Open WOD will be announced. Watch it here or live on the big screen at Sanitas (feel free to bring friends, beverages, etc.).
  • Every Friday we will run the Open WOD as our Main WOD all day long.
  • Everyone that comes into Sanitas on Fridays (whether you’re signed up for the Open or not) will need to sign up for a Friday heat time. Sign up for Friday Heat Times here. The only exception is classes from 11:30a-2:30p.

We will run heat times starting every 20 minutes. Plan to be here for an hour. Your hour will be roughly as follows (depending on the workout): 20 min warmup, 20 min workout with a judge counting your reps and cheering you on, and 20 mins of judging the next heat. Heat times run from 5:30a – 10:50a and then again from 2:30p – 6:50p.

Special Events for This Friday

  • Lululemon will be here at 11:30am to lead a group cool down stretch with food and drinks.
  • Antonio’s Margaritas and food from Chipotle to celebrate starting at 6:00p.

Heat times will be posted early in the week and are subject to change at 6:00p on Thursday night depending on the length of the workout that is announced.

Why you should compete

  • Competition is exhilarating; it will bring out your best and make you feel like a kid again!
  • Compare yourself to the world’s best athletes, your coaches, and your buddies on a like-with-like basis.
  • If you are over 34, you get to compete against other masters (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+)
  • Identify your relative strengths and weaknesses by comparing your ranking for each WOD.
  • You can do all the Open WODs at your normal class time.
  • Travelers can do the Open workouts at any CrossFit Affiliate, or pop in for a make-up when you get home.
  • The barbell weights and the Open entry fee ($20) are low.

What to expect

The Open WODs have much less variety and are more accessible than the full range of CrossFit programming.  To help you prepare, here are our predictions based on an analysis of the last 5 Opens:

  • Most WODs will be AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible in a fixed time period) rather than for time or for max weight. But, there might be one for time and one for Max Weight as that has shown up the last 2 years.
  • 4 of them will be short (4-12 minutes) and one will be around 16-20 minutes.
  • They will each be continuous (vs “every minute on the minute” style)
  • Most will combine one bodyweight movement with 1-2 barbell movements
  • The barbell weights will probably stay under 150# for men and 100# for women until later rounds, and scaled versions will be available for those whom cannot Rx the weight
  • The most difficult bodyweight movements are chest-to-bar pull-ups, HSPU, and Muscle-Ups. Again, there will be scaled modifications for these movements if you cannot perform them.

We are likely to see the following weights and movements in the Open: (non-scaled)

Snatch (95# men/65# women)
Clean & Jerk (135/95)
Power Clean (185/125)
Deadlift (225/155)
Thruster (100/70)
Wall Balls (20/14)
Box Jumps (24”/20”)
Burpees, Double-Unders
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Handstand Pushups

We are likely to see the following weights and movements in the Open: (Scaled)

Snatch (75# men/55# women)
Clean & Jerk (115/75)
Power Clean (115/75)
Push Press (115/75)
Deadlift (155/105)
Thruster (75/55)
Wall Balls (20/14)
Step-Ups or Box Jumps (24”/20”)
Burpees, Single-Unders, Jumping Pull-Ups

*If the weights are to get heavier than these it will likely be in a max out lift or in a ladder form where you will not need to hit those heavier weights, but will be for those whom can.

We are hoping to have at least 100 members register for this year’s Open, and will be rooting for a few of our coaches and members in their quest to make Regionals or even the Games.  These past few weeks, the WOD programming has been focused on preparing for the “likely to see” movements and on the style of how the Open workouts are designed.

So you are definitely ready to compete and have fun around a great group and community here at Sanitas.


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Please Vote CrossFit Sanitas for the Best CrossFit in Boulder!

We need your vote!

Please help us win the Colorado Daily’s Best of Boulder Contest this year… it would mean a lot to us as a small business! We know you’re busy, but it takes less than 2 minutes (we promise) and voting is only open for a short time. We’re in two categories this year (look for our logo to make it easy):

Vote for Us Here

Four years ago we opened our doors with a vision to bring CrossFit to the masses; not just the elite athletes of Boulder, but to busy professionals and parents looking to find an effective fitness routine that accommodates their hectic lifestyles. We also wanted to make getting and staying fit to be fun!

We’ve continued to develop this vision over the last 4 years and as a result, the CrossFit Sanitas community has become one of the strongest, most diverse and all inclusive groups of people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with! It’s because of you all that we’re here today, and why we continue to grow with your families, friends and co-workers.

Please help us win…it would mean a lot to us!!

-The Sanitas Team

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