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How to CrossFit While Pregnant

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas Working Out while Pregnant

We’ve had a lot of experience with pregnant athletes at CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder.

  • Danielle and Steve had their baby girl mid September.
  • Aly and Bobby J had their baby boy a few months ago.
  • Katie and Samuel had their little guy over the summer.
  • Trina, a CrossFit Regionals-level athlete from Denver, and one of our newest members, had her baby just a few months ago and can still bang out strict muscle ups in a WOD.
  • And Leslie and her husband Lee had their second boy late last year. Fun fact. Leslie’s water broke in the middle of a workout while at CrossFit Sanitas. (She was much calmer than we were!)

diastasis-recti2cropAlright. So we all know it can be done. Pregnancy doesn’t mean a cold hard stop to your life and fitness. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks involved. Below we’ve compiled the information we’ve learned from our moms at the gym and the latest research to give you a better picture on how you should approach your fitness while pregnant and following birth.

Before getting into this. Remember. Always listen to recommendations from your doctor and please proceed with caution. It’s not just your health, it’s your baby’s, too!

Guidelines EVERYONE Should Follow

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY Listen to your body. You and only you know what your body is asking for. Regardless if someone told you they squatted through their entire pregnancy, if squatting doesn’t feel good to you, do not do it!
  2. Maintenance Mode Once pregnant, your goal is to maintain your fitness level, not increase it. It’s not time to PR, nor try a new strength cycle, nor anything else that could be considered an increase to what you’ve normally been doing on an average day. Your goal is now maintenance, and a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby!
  3. Stay Calm and Cool Pull back the intensity of your workouts, especially the further you get into your pregnancy. Increased heart rate and body temperature resulting from pushing it too hard in a workout can stress your body and the baby, and even shunt blood away from your baby, leaving the potential for development issues and even death.
  4. No Kipping! You’ll read more about the anatomy of this below, but understand that as your belly expands, the connective tissue between your abs becomes thinner and thinner and needs to heal after you’ve given birth. Kipping and other extension movements will add unnecessary stress onto this connective tissue and can ultimately cause it to tear completely (diastasis recti). This includes movements like slam balls, kipping pull ups, kettlebell swings overhead, kipping toes to bar, kipping muscle ups, etc.
  5. Belly Up For similar reasons mentioned in #4, movements that leave you with your belly facing the floor (burpees, standard planks, push-ups) put added stress on this connective tissue and can lead to tearing. These are okay in your early months, but as that baby grows, the risk increases greatly.

Here are some additional articles with some great exercises to help prevent diastasis recti as well as strengthen your core after your pregnancy:

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Cheer On Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas Athletes at WODtoberfest!

This weekend CrossFit Sanitas has 6 teams competing at the second annual WODtoberfest competition at CrossFit Salvo! Coaches Michael and Beau won the competition last year so they’re looking to defend their title against coach Dwight & David Woods and coach James and Bryce Youngquist. We also have 3 female teams competing; Jessie Akos & Emily Lanigan, Bria Lee & Anna Rieder (soon to be Woods!), and coach Elisa & Debbie Atwell!

This is a 2-person team competition that will test all of the athletes’ conditioning and strength across 3 full WODs and 1 floater workout in just a single day of fitness!

We’d love to have a huge Sanitas showing from Boulder to cheer these athletes on, whether you can make it for the full day or even a single workout, competitors thrive when they hear familiar voices in the crowd! Wear your CrossFit Sanitas shirts proudly and support these incredible athletes!

Click here for directions from the gym! It’s in Brighton and is about 35 minutes away.

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September Member(s) of the Month! (Eden and Eric Mallon)

Eric and Eden #2

Our Member(s) of the month for the month of September are Eden and Eric Mallon! They have been members at CrossFit Sanitas for a little over 18 months now and are two of our most consistent members. If you are in the gym any day during the middle of the week you will probably see […]

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Females are 4-6x More Likely to Sustain a Knee Injury than Males

Teenage Girls and Knee Injury Prevention from Boulder's CrossFit Sanitas

Females are between 4-6x as likely than males who play the same sports to be injured, partly because they rely more on ligaments to compensate for lesser-developed muscles, and because of hormonal changes both during puberty and their menstrual cycle researchers say. When I was a sophomore in high school I experienced a knee injury to my left knee. […]

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Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas Easy Pot Roast


I timed myself this morning. This took 15 minutes to get ready and then I cooked it in the crock pot for 8 hours. It was so nice to come home to a house filled with the smell of slow cooked pot roast. Ingredients: 2 tbsp refined coconut oil 3 lb grass-fed Chuck Roast 2 […]

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Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas Garden Smoothie


Everyone can add more veggies to their diet. Even for people eating a pretty clean diet, it’s important to make sure that you’re not falling back too much on meat, fruit and sweet potatoes. I think we can all agree that vegetables are good for us, but here’s a quick refresher from Mercola. Eating vegetables […]

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Boulder’s Best Roasted Shishito Peppers


These are in season again and you’ll probably see them on the menu at the best restaurants around Boulder. They were in our CSA yesterday and I’ve seen them at Ideal Market. The ones from Red Wagon are not hot but at restaurants, it seems like 1 in 10 is spicy. They are so easy […]

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Paleo Ranch Dressing


During the Clean Challenge, veggies like carrots, radishes, cucumbers, celery, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, etc., serve as great snacks. They’re even better when dipped in a little ranch dressing. Here’s a great recipe inspired by PaleoGrubs for a ranch dressing that took less than 3 minutes to make. Ingredients: 1/4 cup Homemade or Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise […]

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CrossFit Sanitas Paleo BLTs


Yum…BLTs! Need I say more. Here’s a recipe that’s very satisfying, get in lots of veggies and won’t lose you any points on the Clean Challenge. Ingredients: 1-2 Sweet Potatoes (the wider the potato, the larger the base) 1/3 cup Homemade or Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise (available at Whole Foods) 1-2 tsp Sriracha (optional and to […]

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Clean Eating – Post-Workout Recovery & Paleo Snacks


There are a lot of different opinions out there, so you’ll need to find what works best for you.  Let’s start with your main priority?  Before you can reach optimal performance, you’ll need to reach optimal health.  With that in mind, maybe your #1 priority is to focus on gut health or blood sugar issues, […]

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