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Saturday Open Heat Sign Up!

CrossFit Open 15.1 CrossFit Sanitas Boulder

What an insane night! 11 athletes threw down 15.1 tonight just minutes after it was announced! They put up some awesome numbers and I can’t wait to see what the other 110 of you can do (myself included).

Here’s the deal. Sign up for a heat on Saturday. Please judge a couple times if you can (here’s the link to take the course). AND LET’S GET FIT!!!

Sign Up for Heats Here

To Scale or Not to Scale?

This year, for the first time ever, athletes can choose the Rx division (in this case Toes-to-Bar and 115/75# for deads and snatches) or Scaled division (in this case Hanging Knee Raises and 85/55#). Choices, choices – which should you choose?

While this is a personal decision, here’s our opinion:

  1. Make your decision for each workout only after warming up. It’s fine to go Rx in some workouts and Scaled in others- don’t prejudge where you are, wait to see the workout and try a few reps at the Rx weight during warm-ups if it feels even roughly in the ballpark.
  1. If you can safely get even 1 rep of the first exercise at the Rx weight for a given workout, go for it, even if the 2nd or 3rd movement @ Rx is out of reach.   For example, if you are confident you can bang out a few Toes-To-Bar in 15.1, then we recommend the Rx division for this workout. Given nine minutes – if you can get one toes-to-bar, you can probably muster fifteen in that amount of time. And once you get through the nine, you are facing 10 reps of a deadlift that is pretty light for most people.  The trick will come with the snatch – which may even be above your PR.  Go for Rx anyway.  Why?
  • You may surprise yourself.  Many PRs come during the Open.  After all it is game time.
  • You will score above every single person who does the scaled division. That’s right, completing just one toes-to-bar in nine minutes will put you ahead of tens of thousands of people who choose the scaled division.
  1. If you can’t confidently and safely get 1 rep of the first movement at Rx, then scale.  It’s no fun to be frustrated for 9 minutes.

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We Need Judges! 112 Athletes Competing and Counting!


WOW! We currently have 112 athletes registered for the 2015 CrossFit Open! That’s over 50 more than we had last year! The Open is not just a competition to see who makes it to Regionals — it’s 5 weeks of celebrating everything you have worked for in and outside the gym; putting your fitness and above all, your mind, to the test; seeing how you stand up against 200,000 other people JUST LIKE YOU; and showing your coaches that you know you are better than your yesterday-self (we know it, but we want YOU to know it!).

Since we have so many people, we need as many judges as we can get to help us make each day of the Open run smoothly and efficiently. If you have $10 lying around, and want to learn about movement standards, what’s expected of you as a competitor, and to be an integral part to the CrossFit competition world, please do us a huge favor and take the judge course online. You can complete the judges course here. If you have any trouble, just let us know and we can help you out.

And if you haven’t signed up for the Open yet, do it now!!

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What You Need to Know for the Open!

We’ll be kicking off the 2015 Open competition this week and we encourage all Sanitas members with at least three months of experience to get in on the action, regardless of your fitness level or self-limiting beliefs! You can sign up in under five minutes at OPEN ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY It will all start off […]

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Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas Hosts Ido Portal’s Movement X Seminar


Make huge gains with Ido Portal’s 2-day, Movement X Seminar that’s coming to Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas May 23rd – 24th. Improve your performance in CrossFit, Gymnastics, Yoga, Parkour, etc. with this 2-day event that is perfect for beginner to advanced practitioners. Ido Portal hopes to make it to the seminar, but his presence cannot be […]

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New Year Clean Challenge Results!

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas Clean Challenge Whole 30

This was among our best Clean Challenges yet! Over 60 CrossFit Sanitas athletes committed to 30 days of clean living to not just shed some pounds, but to get stronger, fitter, sleep better, and above all, FEEL better. Before we mention the winners, we wanted to make some shoutouts to some top scorers from the […]

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The Open is for EVERYONE! Here’s Why…


Nervous about signing up for the Open? Don’t be. For the first time in the history of the Games, the Open will be offering a Scaled Division for the Open competition, beginning on February 26th. That’s right. RX when you can, and if there’s a movement not in your wheelhouse, simply choose the scaling option […]

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The CrossFit Open and Why You Should Do It!

What is the Open? One of the best things about CrossFit is that it is scalable, measurable and repeatable. Want to see if you’ve gotten stronger in the last six weeks?  Retest your back squat 3RM. Have you gotten faster? Try that running WOD we did a few months ago. Everything we do in the […]

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Gymnastics for CrossFitters

Gymnastics for CrossFitters Boulder

You’ve probably seen Matt Bernstein around the gym doing some crazy moves on the rig. Matt was not a gymnast as a kid, but you would never know that if you saw him at the gym. Matt found gymnastics and Ido Portal (his mentor and the Founder of Movement Culture) while working as a Lead […]

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Tuff Love Results! Photos Coming Soon

Tuff Love Final Results and Photos CrossFit Sanitas Boulder

All I have to say is thank you. Thank you to our volunteers, our judges, our community, and above all, to 118 athletes from around the region that came to our gym and showed us what CrossFit is all about. The competition; the camaraderie; and the utmost respect for all of their fellow athletes competing […]

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Clean Challenge Party and Final Week Details!


Reintroducing Foods After the Challenge To get the most out of this Clean Challenge, you’ll want to reintroduce foods slowly. Some foods will lead to an immediate reaction, but others can take 8-24 hours to see a problem. Also, maybe you can tolerate some butter but not 2 cups of yogurt, so you’ll want to […]

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