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Q&A: Next Clean Challenge Begins Jan 14

We’ve had more than 12 gym-wide clean challenges over the years, all with different approaches — 100% paleo and very strict, more freedom while counting macros; 10-day challenges to 6-week challenges; teams of 3 athletes all the way up to 15. What have we learned? To a degree, they all work! They each have pros and cons but ultimately, any level of focus and attention given to your nutrition appears to help.

We experimented with a new format in the fall and had huge successes! Participants lost nearly just as much fat, gained just as much muscle, improved performance, and maintained a better relationship with food that felt sustainable long-term. Based on feedback from past participants, below are the things they care most about.

  • The most important goal was losing body fat (65%)
  • Consistency is the biggest impediment to achieving your goals
  • The two things that work best for members are eating balanced meals and eating on a schedule
  • Breakfasts are most-often eaten on the run
  • Lunches are consistently eaten out and not healthy
  • People don’t do well with a lot of restrictions, or a lot of restrictions can backfire causing people to not eat enough and then to make bad choices once they’re too hungry

What’s the Focus of this Clean Challenge?

Consistency and balance. One of the most common things we hear at the end of challenges, “Oh I can finally eat normally again!” We want you to feel like you found a new way to eat; a way that will carry over when the challenge ends. This is the real goal!

We want you to learn a new normal. One that feels balanced and sustainable, still allowing you the freedom to have the things you enjoy, guilt-free.

What Do I Have to Do?

You’ll have a variety of “good habits” to complete as often as possible. Some are daily items, some are weekly. You’ll also come up with a personal challenge, some fitness or mobility goal that you’ll work toward over the course of the challenge.

Some tasks include:

  • Eat a balanced breakfast
  • Did not use phone while eating
  • Prepped food for multiple days
  • Was in bed for 8 hours (you can’t get 7 hours of sleep if you’re only in bed for 6 hours)

There are plenty more, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. Instead of a long list of restrictions, we came up with 1-2 restrictions and a list of good habits to maintain. Do something every day for 4 weeks, you may have a new habit in your routine to carry over into regular life. Reminder — This is the real goal.

What if I Need Help?

We’re expecting you to need help! Otherwise, you’d be doing this already on your own. Each of you will be placed on a small team led by one of the coaches. This will be your dedicated support network through the challenge when you need help, advice, recipe inspiration, or just a little peer pressure.

You’ll meet with your coach to develop a specific set of goals and strategies for yourself, as well as meet to review your weekly food log to ensure you’re eating a balanced, nutritious diet that will support your performance and aesthetic goals.

All participants will also get tons of information sent directly to your inbox, including exclusive content being released for this challenge covering subjects from how to shop and save time/money on meals to mindfulness, gut biome health, and nutrient timing.

How will we track success?

Our biggest indicator for success will be, “Did you learn something that will carry over into your new, daily routine?” Remember? This is the real goal.

But of course, it’s good to have some measurable markers of success:

  • 3 fitness tests performed at the beginning and end of the challenge
  • Muscle mass difference
  • Body fat difference
  • Time spent on phone difference
  • Overall point total for tracking and completing daily tasks

What’s included with the Challenge?

  • 1:1 prep week meeting to develop personal goals the week prior
  • Team meeting to develop strategy and answer questions during prep week
  • 30-minute meeting/personal training session with coach ($60 value)
  • In addition to your 30 minute 1:1 session with your coach, you’ll also keep a food log in google sheets to be shared with and reviewed by your coach each week. Your coach will be looking at things like ($80 value):
    • Meal timing
    • Pre and post workout nutrition
    • Are you eating enough
    • Are you eating enough vegetables, etc.
  • 1:1 continued success meeting to review your challenge experience with a coach and create a plan to maintain your success after the challenge
  • Scorecard and detailed recommended food list for accountability
  • Before and after body fat/muscle mass and inflammation test on InBody 570 ($80 value)
  • Before and after photos and measurements
  • CrossFit Sanitas blender bottle ($10 value)
  • Tons of articles and recipes for inspiration (priceless)


If you’d like to do the challenge on your own, you can get 2 body fat tests and the scoresheet for just $35

Register for Self-Guided Clean Challenge Here


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The Weekly Preview 12-17-18

The Weekly Outlook



Sumo Deadlifts
Every 2min for 12min
6 Reps *at around 60-65% of Conventional Deadlift


5 Rounds for Time
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull at 95#/65#
30 Double Unders
10 Front Rack Reverse Lunges at 95#/65#
30 Double Unders 

*Goal here today is to work on posterior chain engagement and keep things unbroken.
Time Domain: 9-13min
Time Cap: 15min


3min AMRAP
10 Thrusters at 75#/55#
10 Bar Facing Burpees

2min Rest

3min AMRAP
Row for Cals

2min Rest

3min AMRAP
10 Thrusters at 75#/55#
10 Bar Facing Burpees

2min Rest

3min AMRAP
Row for Cals

2min Rest

3min AMRAP
10 Thrusters at 75#/55#
10 Bar Facing Burpees

Rx+: 115#/75#


*Goal here today is to work on pacing strategy and maintaining consistent efforts across all 3min AMRAPs. For Thrusters and Burpees we are looking for 2 rounds in the 3min AMRAP.


EMOM x 24
1) 15/12 Cal Bike + Max Strict Pull-Ups
2) 15 GHD Sit-Ups + Max Push-Ups
3) 30sec Double KB Wall Sit at 35#/16# + Max Box Jumps at 24”/20”
4) Rest

*We will spend some time today talking over GHD sit-up technique so you all know how to use them correctly.
*Looking to have about 20-30sec for each Max effort



Take 15min to Find a 1RM
Split Jerk


4 Rounds for Time
Row 350m/300m
10 Push Jerks at 135#/95#

Rx+: 165#/110#

*Time Domain: 7-11min
*Time Cap: 15min


12 Days of Fitmas WOD
1) Turkish Get-Up (each arm) at 53#/35#
2) 100m Run (200m Total)
3) Devils Press at 50#/35#
4) Strict Handstand Push-Ups
5) Box Jumps at 30#/24#
6) Single Arm KB Thrusters at 53#/35# (each)
7) Kettlebell Swing at 53#/35#
8) Toes to Bar
9) Burpee Pull-Ups
10) Ring Dips
11) Wall Balls at 30#/20#
12) Triple Unders

*this is performed just like the song…. Day 1, then 2 then 1, then 3 then 2 then 1, then 4-3-2-1, then 5-4-3-2-1 and so on until all 12 days are completed.


15min AMRAP
45 Double Unders
15 Overhead Squats at 75#/55#
3 Ring Muscle-Ups

*Goal here is to pick a weight on the Overhead Squats that is unbroken throughout and a Muscle-Up set that is manageable. For those that don’t have muscle-ups we will be providing options that allow you to work through a good scaling modification that should be 30sec of work.


4x5min AMRAP/2min Rest between
In Teams of 4
Partner 1: Run 200m =15 Reps
Partner 2: Max Rep Bench Press at 135#/85#
Partner 3: Max Rep Deadlift at 225#/155#
Partner 4: Max Rep GHD Sit-Ups

*Start a different partner on a different station on each round
*This one should be a really fun one to work through in teams!!

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The Weekly Preview 12-10-18

The Weekly Outlook Monday: 8min AMRAP 1000m Run Buy-In then AMRAP of 9 Hang Power Cleans at 115#/75# 6 Bar Facing Burpees 4min Rest 6min AMRAP Max Clean and Jerks at 185#/125# *from the floor 4min Rest 8min AMRAP 1000m Run Buy-In then AMRAP of 9 Hang Power Cleans at 115#/75# 6 Bar Facing Burpees […]

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Self care: what is it and how does it relate to healthy habits?

self care makes healthy habits

Self care means something different for everyone. For some, it means spending a day at the spa, free from pressures from the outside world. For others, it’s maintaining a strict diet. I don’t know exactly what’s right for you, but I know the answer for me, and it’s actually not either of those things. For […]

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The Weekly Preview 12-3-18

CrossFit Sanitas Workouts

The Weekly Outlook We’re continuing the cycle we started last week, aiming to build up your long aerobic capacity. We’ll continue this for the next 5 weeks, then will re-test to gauge how the progressions have gone. Monday: A) Paused Front Squat (5sec) Every 2min for 12min 3 Reps of increasing load B) 4 Rounds for Time: […]

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Strength WOD Preview 11-26-18

Monday: Snatch Balance EMOM x 10min: 1 Rep *increasing load Every 2min for 10min 2 Squat Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats Back Squat Every 3min for 15min 4 Reps at 70% 2 Reps at 80% 8 Reps at 70% 4 Reps at 80% 2 Reps at 85% Strength WOD 5 Rounds for Time 10 DB […]

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The Weekly Preview 11-26-18

The Weekly Outlook We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Looking forward to getting back into the normal rhythm of workouts this week. We are starting the week off with a long aerobic capacity workout and finishing off the week with a challenging anaerobic threshold workout to test where we are at. We […]

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The Weekly Preview 11-19-18 to 11-25-18

The Weekly Outlook!! Happy Turkey Week everyone! This week we will have a modified schedule as we have the 6:30/7:30 classes cancelled on Wednesday, Thursday we have only the 8:30am and 9:30am WODs, and on Friday we have 8:30/9:30/10:30/11:30am WODs only. As per usual we will be doing Hero WOD on Thanksgiving Day, and the […]

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4-Week Handstand Course w/ Mike Aidala

Learn trade secrets for how to balance and control yourself upside down. This 4-week intensive course is designed to help you learn how to build a rock solid core, strong and stable shoulders and gain tools towards body weight mastery. WHO IS IT FOR? You want to learn how to hold a handstand and control […]

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The Weekly Preview 11-12-18 to 11-18-18

The Weekly Outlook!! This week we will be a having he Member of the Month WOD on Tuesday, November 13th! Remember that this will be a day without music and speaking – find out why. So come in ready and prepared to be walked though the workout with visual and tactile cues. This weekend we […]

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