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Programming: The End of the Open!

The end of the 2017 CrossFit Open is approaching and with that comes a change in programming. Our goal and focus at CrossFit Sanitas is to develop the healthiest and happiest community of people possible. This comes from emphasizing high quality nutrition along with a fitness program that facilitates longevity and wellness.

Our goal over the next two months at Sanitas will be about focusing on unilateral strength development through a lot of single leg and single arm work that will help to develop better cross-sectional stability. Single leg balance strength work helps reinforce one of our most powerful stabilizing muscle, the transverse abdominis. This muscle acts like a girdle and plays an important role in spinal stability and reducing risk of low back injury.

We will be implementing a consistent weekly structure to the programming in order to create better progressions for our olympic lifts, gymnastic skills, and strength gains. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will incorporate some type of barbell work. That barbell work may be light and fast working on barbell cycling patterns or heavy lifting to develop better overall strength and stability. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be focused on developing gymnastic strength and utilizing a lot of DB, KB, slam balls and plyometric work. We have noticed over the previous few months that a lot of people are not able to make the times for gymnastics class, so we will be incorporating more consistent gymnastics skill work into daily WODs. Saturdays will remain partner/team WODs and Body-Building or Odd object work will be on Sundays!

We will be incorporating more reps and drills in the warm-ups. These may at feel like a workout, but what we have noticed is that athletes always move better when they are not on a time clock. This will help you all develop more as athletes, creating consistent mechanics at the right volume to allow you to adapt and thrive. This will also help to reinforce better muscular endurance and overall metabolic conditioning that will help build longstanding results.

Summer is coming! So, be on the lookout for the upcoming nutrition challenge and those extra core sessions.

Happy End of the 2017 CrossFit Open Season



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Why I got a 0 on CrossFit Open Workout 17.4

In case you missed it above, this is Tom. You may have seen me at the front desk on occasion. 

After a long night of deliberation, I came to the decision this morning to opt out of the 4th workout of the 2017 CrossFit Open. Not because I thought I’d get hurt, but rather I decided to stick to a promise I made to myself. I was going to be more responsible with my workouts after I figured out my personal “Why” for CrossFit…


I typically train 5 days a week, with one completely off day (Sunday, duh).

I get massages or acupuncture every 2-3 weeks.

I do at least an hour of mobility every day.

I lift heavy things 3 days a week and do conditioning/skill work 2-3 days a week.

I eat lots of plants, some animals…and occasionally an entire pint of ice cream.

I do all these things to keep my body healthy and strong for the rest of life. The rest of my life is a long time. So I had to start thinking of my training with respect to decades… not just a a single year like a competitor may be more likely to do. My training is a lifelong effort to continue to be the strongest, fastest, healthiest version of myself; it’s not just the thrill of chasing PRs and crushing my soul in life-altering workouts to a point of near religious experience (because that is wicked awesome!)

A little backstory

On Tuesday I was traveling and worked out at another gym and completed a WOD that totaled 45 deadlifts at 225# and 75 wall balls. A taxing day for sure but nothing I couldn’t handle. The deadlifts were heavy, but I can handle that weight when it’s broken up into 5 rounds separated with wall balls, lots of built-in rest and no additional pulling (the row in 17.4 is a similar pulling motion to the deadlift).

8 years of pain…

I haven’t taken more than 2 weeks off from CrossFit in nearly 5 years. Let’s just say I love this stuff! But I’ve had chronic pain for almost 4 of those years, now include the 4 years of pain before CrossFit, and my bad habits have caused me 8 years of pain and discomfort.

Over a year ago I made the decision to live a pain free life, and CrossFit, with the right team of people, is helping me achieve that. By listening to my body, scaling workouts, ranges of motion, and lifts down to laughable levels compared to my maxes for about 6 months, I’ve been 100% pain-free, injury-free in every aspect of not only CrossFit, but also life, since November!

Evaluating the workout and its purpose

Now when 55 deadlifts at 225# in a row came up this week, just days after I completed 45 of the same reps, I had to consider if this was the best decision for me and my simple goal of longevity. Short answer?

It’s wasn’t.

I’ve worked a long time to correct issues that were a result from a lifetime of sitting at desks, driving a car with one arm always lifted and my wallet in my back pocket, playing right field in soccer, and above all, not listening to the signals my body was telling me.

100 deadlifts at 75% of my current 1 rep max within a 7 day period… especially when 55 are performed IN A ROW… simply would not be responsible for me, Tom, (not Dwight for example because he has a 550# deadlift so this weight is a toy for him relative to our maxes) to perform based on my ultimate goals and intentions for CrossFit.

Final thoughts

Tough choice to not do it. It was shaping up to be my highest ranked performance in an Open to date by nearly 1000 places. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been… just need to make sure I keep it that way. Good luck in the final week of the Open, athletes! Let’s see how 17.5 treats me!

Challenge for you

Figure out your “Why” for CrossFit and train accordingly. Once I did, it allowed me to feel better and stronger than I ever have in my life. See what it can do for you!


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Free Yoga at The Little Yoga Studio for CrossFit Sanitas Members

Have you heard how you can essentially get a free yoga membership at (in our opinion) the best Yoga studio in Boulder?! Welp. If you’re a member at CrossFit Sanitas, all you have to do is walk into The Little Yoga Studio (located in our same shopping plaza) and tell them you’re a member here, and […]

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The One Thing Many CrossFitters Ignore and How It’s Holding You Back

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*Important* Fridays at CrossFit Sanitas through March 24

As you may know, the 2017 CrossFit Open is underway not only at Sanitas, but across the globe! Fridays at the gym will be structured differently through March 24 while the Open is happening, so here are some important details to note. Since this is a global competition, we’re turning Fridays into a full day […]

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Please Vote CrossFit Sanitas for the Best CrossFit in Boulder!

We need your vote! Please help us win the Colorado Daily’s Best of Boulder Contest this year… it would mean a lot to us as a small business! We know you’re busy, but it takes less than 2 minutes (we promise) and voting is only open for a short time. We’re in two categories this year […]

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CrossFit Sanitas’ Best Clean Challengers in Boulder!

Thank you to everyone that made it out last week to our Clean Challenge Wrap-Up celebration! It was a blast to hang out with everyone outside the gym (in real people clothes) and enjoy some good food and drink from our friends at The Rayback Collective! In case you missed the action, here’s the recap […]

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The CrossFit Open and Competition Friday

This year’s CrossFit Open is fast approaching and we want you to compete this year and be a part of the fun!  As of right now we have 75 members signed up for the 2017 CrossFit Open and we want to beat last years mark of 120 members. You can do this and we will all […]

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CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder’s 2017 Tuff Love Competition Results

Thank you to all of the athletes, judges, volunteers and spectators that came out to make this the best Tuff Love event to date! 4 years in and we’re continually blown away but the athleticism these local athletes demonstrate… not to mention the fantastic attitudes and sportsmanship we saw by each and everyone of them! […]

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The 2017 CrossFit Games Open!! Sign-up

Why Sign Up for the CrossFit Open? #1) It’s Fun! All the cool kids are doing it and you should too. We will be having fun running heats on Friday’s both in the morning fro 5:30am until 10:15am and then again from 3:30pm until 6pm. It will be the workout of the day on Friday […]

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