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Sanitas Weekly Preview 09.18.17-09.24.17

The Weekly Overview (Clean Challenge Week 1)

Monday: Clean Challenge Test #1 “5RM Back Squat”

We will be testing our 5RM Back Squat along with celebrating our member of the month Justin Ferland.
9min AMRAP
6 Strict HSPU
12 Squat Cleans at 95/65
3 Muscle-Ups


We are focused on core and posterior chain work today. Nothing overhead today.

Wednesday: Clean Challenge Test #2 “Jerry”

For Time:
1 Mile Run
2k Row
1 Mile Run


Today we will be having a longer style EMOM with 4 different movements. We will be doing rope climbs so bring your long socks or shin protection today and we will be working on Snatches for Skill work.

Friday: Clean Challenge Test #3 “10min AMRAP”

We will be working up to a Heavy Full Squat Clean today before the AMRAP and then adjusting weight down to working weight in AMRAP for our Power Cleans.

10min AMRAP
7 Power Cleans at 135/95
7 Pull-Ups
14 Wall Balls 20/14

*Goal for this workout is to move fast with minimal breaks in movements and between movements. The rep count is small enough on each set that you can move fast through each. This will be a good test to see both some progression over the month on gymnastics work, barbell cycling, and overall conditioning as this will be a heart pumper.

Saturday: Partner WOD Saturday

We will be breaking out the Sandbags today and also working on some HSPU work! Not much resting included on this one as the work will be very quick burst on/off.


Today is all about the Booty!! Posterior Chain work and single leg work.

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Introducing Laura Lochmann, New Full-Time Coach at CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder

We started our initial interview with Laura her earlier in the summer and we couldn’t be happier to finally add her to the team! You’ll find Laura coaching all throughout the day and all class times so if you haven’t met her yet, it won’t take long!

Laura grew up in Northern Wisconsin, where her athletic pursuits consisted of a variety of sports through out grade school to high school but nothing really “stuck” except for dance. After moving to Madison, Laura realized she needed to find a way to get active again. Her mom was actually the person who got her to her first CrossFit class and after that she was hooked. Her mom beat her at that free community class, but Laura couldn’t let that happen again. So she signed up the next day.

When she is not at the gym, Laura enjoys reading realistic fiction and researching nutrition as well as getting outside and hiking, camping, or spending time with her dogs.

As a coach and leader, Laura wants to make sure that every person who walks in to class feels welcome and knows that no matter what the work out is they will get better that day. She feels that the best part about being a CrossFit coach is helping individuals achieve goals that they never thought possible.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Rowing, CrossFit Gymnastics, Precision Nutrition Level 1 (in progress)

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August Member of the Month: Justin Ferland

Member Spotlight: Justin Ferland Over the course of the last year here at CrossFit Sanitas we have seen Justin make major strides as his consistency has increased. His approach to training, “Mechanics, Consistency, and then Intensity” has allowed him to grow and develop as an athlete. We love seeing Justin’s enthusiasm and work ethic in […]

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CrossFit Sanitas Weekly Preview (09.11.17-09.17.17)

The Weekly Outlook Monday: Starting the Week off with some Volume Back Squats and an EMOM with Overhead Squats, Rowing, and Strict Pull-Ups. Idea here is to start off the week with something challenging, but focus is not on finishing fast in the time domain, but more about consistent reps and strong movement patterns. Tuesday: Gymnastics Pressing […]

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Clean Challenge Begins Sept. 18! Sign Up by the 10th to Save Your Spot!

It’s that time again…time to clean up your diet after an awesome summer of cocktails, ice cream, etc. There’s nothing that will push your performance in and out of the gym to the next level like a nutrition reset. Get rid of food cravings, inflammation, brain fog, sleep disturbances, mood issues, etc. We have two […]

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CrossFit Sanitas Weekly Preview

Taking a Look Ahead and How to Use the Weekly Preview This is the first post of this type and is aimed at allowing you to better understand the week by giving you a glimpse of the upcoming programming for the week.  For those that look at this and automatically take it as an easy […]

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Test Your Body Fat, Inflammation and More at CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder

In our continual quest to provide the most holistic approach toward your fitness and overall health, we’ve recently invested over $10,000 in a new piece of equipment that will allow our athletes to have another metric to measure progress. The machine is called the InBody 570 and is considered just as accurate DEXA scans (which […]

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How Did You Use Your Fitness This Weekend?!

What do CrossFitters do when they’re not working out in the gym? They workout outside in the mud! We had a number of athletes taking on Terrain Races and Spartan Races… some for fun, some for prizes, but all for glory!! Congrats to Joan, Sara, Dani, Suzi and Jeremy for completing one of these epic […]

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How many physical therapy sessions will I need?

Recently I’ve had several gym members approach me with questions about a sore shoulder, a painful knee, and the dreaded plantar fasciitis. After hearing the same question from all of them, I decided it was time to tell the truth about physical therapy, and answer the question “how many PT sessions does it take to […]

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