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Gymnastics Class Begins Tuesday, Feb. 26

Tuesday, Feb. 26, we’re starting a regular gymnastics class at the gym that will be included in your regular membership! Below is what you can expect for programming and how it will benefit you as an athlete and human in general.

Class Schedule

  • Tuesdays: 7:30am & 7:30pm
  • Thursdays: 7:30am

Focus of the Class

Our focus will be primarily injury prevention, plus core and shoulder strength. Instead of AMRAPs, you may consider the gymnastic workouts as “circuits” to be done for quality rather than time. The movements programmed will help with higher-level skills (i.e. muscle ups, handstands) by teaching proper movement patterns in smaller parts. Think how Russian dips are just a piece of the muscle up. The idea is that you will build a solid foundation, owning each progression, so that you achieve technical, high skill movements with minimal risk of injury (thanks to your awesome gains).

The take away from incorporating this into your practice is greater core control, shoulder strength and stronger joints! Stronger joints/greater joint stability with flexibility will result in the safe and repeatable acquisition of higher skill gymnastic movements. Improved body awareness will help your overall awareness with external load, aka, barbells!

“The carryover benefits of isometric training on dynamic lifts have been well documented. For decades, Russian coaches have advocated a strength regime that consists of 75% concentrics, 15% eccentrics, and 10% isometrics.” – Vogel, Campanella

This class is on a pilot program…meaning, it’ll only stay on the schedule if we have a strong attendance so please show up to get fitter!

To entice y’all, let me share what we’ll be focusing on for the first 6-8 weeks:

Shoulder strength in pulling and pushing to complement skill work in kipping (pull ups, T2B, HSPU) and inversions (handstand walking!)

There will be skills for muscle ups in these weeks but those will not be the overall focus to start.

Here’s the preview of what to expect for the first week!! Everything has scaling options for all levels.

Sample Programming for Week 1

Day 1

Warm up:
10 Dislocates F/B then B/F
:30 Passive Hang
10 Scap Push Ups
6 Inchworms

Core Activation 2x
:20-:30 Hollow Hold
Crab Walk Back
:20-:30 Arch Hold

Side Roll Control Hollow-Arch

Circuit 3x
:30 Around the box walks
:30 L-sit
10 Seated strict press

Cash Out:
3X Max Active Hang
*Btw rounds 15 air squats
*Rest as needed

Day 2

Warm Up:
Thoracic Rounding
10 scap push ups
:30 HSH

Circuit 3x
20m Seal Drags
3-5 Strict pull ups w/negative or :60 chin over bar hold
3-5 Strict dips

:30 Hollow hold
10 hollow rocks
10 v-ups
Rest as needed

3 x
:30 Arch hold
10 Arch rocks
10 Arch extensions

Cash out:
Max shoulder taps
10 seated presses

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Tuff Love Photos and Results

216 athletes made their way to CrossFit Sanitas last Saturday to compete on a stage designed to put all levels of athletes through the ultimate test. Not only did this partner competition require constant communication and synchronized efforts, it also tested something we’ve never tried before — when all things are created equal, what breakdown of team would come out on top?

We had male/male, female/female, and male/female teams all competing against one another to truly test who is the fittest couple. Let’s just say we saw some incredible displays of fitness and effort from all 108 teams, and can easily say that the most fit teams came out on top.

Before we get to the winners, I want to give the biggest shoutout to our volunteers. All of you that were willing to give up your Saturday to help run such a major event, we cannot thank you enough. Without your help, we may still be cleaning up afterward.

And another big shoutout to our sponsors! We get it. You came here for the prizes. And we couldn’t provide such epic packages without the help of our many sponsors!

Title sponsors

Chestee and Ten Thousand provided sports bras and shorts to all 216 athletes that competed. We’re bored with the same old competition shirts — it was time to step things up and get athletes something they can really use!

Boulder Total Dentistry, a local Boulder-based dentist office owned and operated by CrossFitters, gave $750 cash to the top performing RX team

Primary sponsors

  • Crossover Symmetry: Every athlete on the podium received their own Halo hip strengthening tool
  • Modern Point Acupuncture: Gave $100 gift certificate to all athletes on the podium
  • Element 6 Training: Gave the first place teams a free training session and custom 4-week training program
  • Adio Chiropractic: Gave all first place teams in a free injury-assessment and x-rays
  • Newton Running: Gave 4 pairs of shoes to top teams in Masters and Open division
  • Fitaid: Gave every athlete a free fitaid and each team on the podium received their own extra supply!

Additional Sponsors

Tuff Love Results

🥇 Ancient Not Broken
🥈 Dark Horse Black
🥉 Jeff Macro & the Kid

🥇 Not Tall at All
🥈 Beauty & the Beautician
🥉 Backcountry Tall & Tiny

🥇 4! 4! On the Floor!
🥈 Diva & the Ginger
🥉 Omnia Buns & Guns

Please note that the final results were calculated outside of the online scoring system. The final event is not displayed on the scoring. You can check out the results of each event at the following link: Tuff Love 2019 Results

Tuff Love Photos

We have a bunch of photos ready to go from one of our photographers, Lisa Nguyen. Feel free to download and share as you wish! Don’t forget to credit her on instagram (@lisapizza827) if you want to be cool!

Photos Here

More photos will be coming soon and will be posted on Facebook.

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