Introducing Outdoor WODs


We had our first Park WODs on Monday and they were a lot of fun.  Just in time for Spring… Sanitas Park WODs, a new free perk for members, add 8 weekly outdoor classes to the line-up.

Held daily during some of our most popular class times, Park WODs will add to, rather than replace existing WODS, so you can choose the gym or the park.  

What to expect:

  • Quality outdoor time in three of our favorite Boulder Parks
  • Smaller class sizes with more individualized attention
  • A focus on bodyweight activities, running, gymnastics, etc
  • No barbells
  • A no-compromise CrossFit WOD
  • Occasional funny looks from strangers
  • Bring a friend anytime – first time is free

Here is the initial schedule – we may change the schedule in the coming weeks following based on attendance and feedback.  We are planning to add a 5:30a MWF when the sunrise is earlier.




Mondays @ Scott Carpenter


30th & Arapahoe







Wednesdays @ Eben G. Fine


3rd & Arapahoe







Fridays @ Scott Carpenter


30th & Arapahoe

Saturdays @ Central Park


South lawn next to Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning should be a particularly fun one, as we can head over to the Farmer’s Market together post-WOD. We will be across from the Boulder Museum of Art near the south part of the Farmer’s Market. 

And again, Sanitas Park WOD sessions are free for members and in addition to all existing WODs, so you’ll now have over 80 classes per week to choose from.

See you at the Park! 

PS – we have received formal approval for these class times from Boulder Parks & Rec, so this is all completely legit with the city. 


Boulder CrossFit Sanitas Power of Three-131

Pow3r of Three — CrossFit Sanitas Results!


CrossFit Sanitas had three teams compete in Saturday’s “Pow3r of Three” competition. This competition took teams of 3 athletes of the same gender and tested not just their individual fitness, but their ability to strategize, compete, and succeed as a single unit.

Here’s where they ended up after 4 very demanding workouts in just a single day

7th Place: “3 Pood” Stacey Heronema, Elisa Schauer, Kristin Glovac

7th Place: “Two and a half men” Michael Butts, Tyler Chittick, Connor McQuade

10th Place: “Team Sanitas” Nik Lehnert, Dwight Upshaw, Beau Dorning

Thank you, Emily Williamson (soon to be Lehnert) for the photos!


2012 007

Spring Clean Challenge Starts Today


It is time for our Spring Clean Challenge.  It all starts today:  

  • Pick up your scorecard at the front desk.
  • Get “before” photos and hip/waist measurements taken in the childcare area (ask at front desk).  Please help us make these as consistent as possible, wear the same clothes, take them at the same time of day, same pre or post workout, etc.
  • Clean out your pantry, login to Paleologix for support tools, create a meal plan and go shopping.
  • Schedule a body fat test with Rosanne for Tuesday (optional, before/after test is $65 and you can pay her directly).
  • Show up on Thursday to meet your team and coach, share recipes, peruse handouts, etc.
  • You will be getting an email from your coach by Tuesday.
  • Fitness tests are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday as part of the WOD.

It’s not too late to sign up, so stop by the front desk or do it here!