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Friday Night Lights Week 1: 90’s Hip Hop Theme!

The first week of the 2018 CrossFit Open has arrived! While many of our athletes are competing for their shot at Regionals, the next step before the CrossFit Games, most of us are using the Open for testing, community, and above all, fun!

So this year, every Friday night from 3p-7p will be a fitness party where you can get a judge, complete your workout, and even judge some of your fellow athletes. The fun doesn’t stop there! Each week will have some selection of food or drinks (paid for by CrossFit Sanitas) and a theme so that the teams can get some spirit points.

The highest performing teams at the end of the 5 weeks will get some special prizes and most importantly, bragging rights!

The time you choose is your actual workout time. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for a warm-up!

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No worries! The class schedule will remain normal for all classes starting at 5:30am and through the 12:30pm WOD. If you need to workout on Friday afternoons/evenings, then you can just choose any of the heat times above to show up and complete a full workout just like you were in a class. No need to sign up for heat times if you’re not participating in the Open.


That’s okay! We have Open gym during all hours so come any time and you can complete the workout. We can not promise we’ll be available to judge you so please make arrangements for judging on your own ahead of time.


Performance in the Open workouts will be a factor toward your team’s score, but there are plenty of other ways to score points:

  • 1 Point – For every athlete that submits a score on
  • 1 Point – For performing your workout at Friday Night Lights
  • 1 Point – For every time you judge somebody (must have completed judge’s course)
  • 1 Point – For every athlete that dresses up to each week’s theme
  • 25 Points, 20 Points, 15 Points, 10 Points, 5 Points – For the team with the best overall score each week (25 for 1st, 5 for 5th)


Each week, your team coach and team captain will be responsible for picking up whatever refreshments you choose for everyone else to share. So for example, Dwight’s team will be providing the refreshments for everyone.

Sanitas will pay for everything up to $75 each week. If you want to spend anymore, that’s up to you! We have about 80 people participating.

Friday Night Light Themes

  • Week 1: Dwight’s Team – 90’s Hip Hop
  • Week 2: Elissa Morello’s Team – Neon Rave
  • Week 3: Antonio’s Team – Country Beach Party
  • Week 4: Elisa Upshaw’s Team – Sports Attire (anything but CrossFit/Exercise)
  • Week 5: Laura’s Team – Pirates vs. Ninjas

The time you choose is your actual workout time. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for a warm-up!

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Weekly Preview (02/19/18) !!

The Weekly Outlook: Clean Challenge Re-Tests and The Open

This week we will be re-testing our Clean Challenge Tests! The “Ghost” will be tested on Monday and “The New Total” will be tested on Wednesday. The Open Starts this Friday with the Open announcement happening on Thursday Night. Friday Night Lights will be held with Heats starting at 3pm and going until 6:30pm. We will have some catered food for those jumping into the open as well as those celebrating the end of the Clean Challenge, so lets pack the gym on Friday night! Expect some good energy and a lot of fitness. Yes, alcoholic beverages are allowed!


“The Ghost”
Row for Cals, Burpees, and Double Unders…


Today will be a day to practice both Pistols and Muscle-Ups in an open style 12min AMRAP


“The New Total”
1RM Overhead Squat
1RM Push Press
1RM Clean


The plan today is to move steady but not crush ourselves going into the open workout on Friday. This will be an EMOM with manageable bouts of 3 different movements with a rest movement to keep you in the Aerobic Zone.


Open 18.1?
My Guess is something with DBs and Burpees that lasts between 12-20min, but who really knows what Dave Castro has in store for us.


A little Interval style workout that will be targeted at loosening you up from whatever comes Friday.


Odd Object and Bodybuilding work

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Is a Nutrition Coach the Right Option for You?

We all want to look and feel good in our own skin. Be healthier, stronger, and live longer. That is why we are all at Sanitas in the first place! But that is the easy part; making it to class, working out with friends, and having a blast! Unfortunately this isn’t where real changes are […]

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Paleo Friendly Protein-Packed Frittata Recipe

This recipe was originally created and written by Jennafer Ashley on We recently posted a recipe to help you quickly get much of your daily requirements for veggies in your breakfast, but for many, getting enough protein in the day is the real struggle! Below is a very simple and quick recipe that’s packed with protein, healthy […]

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Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas’ Tuff Love 2018 Results and Photos

It’s our 5th year running the Tuff Love partner competition and it was the biggest showing to date! 194 athletes from across Colorado and Wyoming braved the snowy weather to prove their fitness just weeks before the 2018 CrossFit Open. Thank you so much to everyone that came to compete and watch the events! You […]

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The Weekly Preview 021218-021818

Weekly Outlook The Open is fast approaching and anyone that is planning on doing the open at CrossFit Sanitas needs to sign up by Friday February 16th to allow us to have our team draft on Monday in order to set up our Friday Night Lights Schedule. Remember we will be holding “Friday Night Lights” […]

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What is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is the first step in a three-part process to find the fittest CrossFit athlete in the world. In an effort to do so, the director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, announces a total of five workouts over five weeks. He announces one workout per week starting on the last Thursday of February. […]

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Get Butterfly and Kipping Pull-Ups in Time for the Open

Gymnastics Clinic

The CrossFit Open (starting February 22nd) is notorious for being heavy on high-skill gymnastics, so being proficient at chest-to-bar kipping or butterfly pull-ups will be a necessity! If you’re not doing the Open, it’s also an incredibly valuable skill to learn and practice body awareness and control through space. One of the most fundamental aspects […]

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The Weekly Preview 020518-021118 (Tuff Love Saturday Feb 10!!)

The Weekly Outlook This week we are continuing our focus on improving our Overhead Squat, Push Press, and Squat Clean performance while continuing to focus both on improving our gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. Monday will start us off with some Squat Clean focus work, Tuesday will be about improving our gymnastics, Wednesday is a fun […]

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The Weekly Preview 012918-020418

The Weekly Outlook This week starts off with a fun open style metcon with some single leg stability strength work and ends with the Hero Workout “Coffland”. Throughout the course of the week we will be practicing double-udders more consistently as well as working on overhead squat strength and stability. Expect a fun partner workout […]

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