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Support Sanitas Athletes at the 2014 Turkey Challenge!


Support your fellow athletes at the MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge this weekend (about 20 minutes from Sanitas). The Turkey Challenge features 300 athletes and is the largest competition in Colorado.

Bria Lee, Debbie Atwell, Dylan Stewart, Heather Tagg, Coach Steve Parsoneault, and Coach Caleb Diebolt will be competing Saturday and Sunday. Wear your Sanitas gear and look for our tent!

Here is when you can watch our athletes compete. We only have Saturday so far. Sunday will be determined after Day 1′s standings.


  • Bria Lee: Event 1, 10:08a; Event 2, 2:22p
  • Debbie Atwell: Event 1, 10:22a; Event 2, 2:38p
  • Dylan Stewart: Event 1, 8:14a; Event 2, 12:46p
  • Heather Tagg: Event 1, 9:44a; Event 2, 2:06p
  • Coach Steve: Event 1, 9:20a; Event 2, 1:50p
  • Coach Caleb: Event 1, 11:38a; Event 2, 3:42p

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CrossFit Sanitas Holiday Party

Holiday Party + Lip Sync Battle, Dec. 6th!


Save the date for this year’s holiday party! Let’s all get dressed up, share some good food, good stories, and let loose a little with our first-ever Lip-Sync Battle! Don’t worry, we’ll be prepared with liquid encouragement for you all. 

When: December 6th, 6p – 9:30p

Where: CrossFit Sanitas

Wear (pun intended): Dress a little fancy! Get out of those gym clothes for a change!


  • Potluck (sign up at the front desk)
  • Collecting toy donations under the tree
  • Margaritas and mixers will be served
  • Lip-Sync Battle!! 60 seconds to give your best lip-sync performance.

Free sports acupuncture and massages will be handed out to the winners for best individual performance and best individual costume for the lip-sync battle. Free t-shirts for the best group performance!

Ted Talk CrossFit Sanitas Katie Amato Gut Microbes

Sanitas Member, Katie Amato, on TEDx Talks


Our members have strong bodies and stronger minds! Check out Katie’s Ted Talk on gut microbes and her research with primates; discussing how our western diet and our hyperactive gut microbes are no longer working in a mutually beneficial pattern and how this can lead to diseases, obesity, and other issues within our bodies many of us suffer from.

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas Clean Challenge Winners

Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas Clean Challenge Winners!


This was an incredible Clean Challenge! We’ve never seen such high point totals and such camaraderie. If you missed this one, we’ll run another one just after the New Year. We had 70 participants this time and the average body fat lost was 2.4%. Fitness scores improved by an average 11% and 7 rep max back squats improved by an average of 18 lbs over the 30 days. It just goes to show that clean eating, sleep and consistent exercise can really supercharge your results!  Everyone worked so hard but we wanted to call out a few winners below.  


Honorable Mentions : These two worked their butts off…great job!

  • Craig Heisner & Raili Schilling

Winning Team This team had the highest average score (clean eating, consistent exercise and rest)!

IMG_0073Team Michael Butts and his team win a free pound of bacon and Sanitas t-shirt!

  • Colleen Henahan
  • Brent Thielle
  • Lindsay Merz
  • Mark Lackey
  • Raili Schilling
  • Jen Watson

IMG_0075Best Before/After Photos You all had incredible improvements, but we had to vote for one. This one gets a free week of meals from Caveman Cafeteria! It was a tough choice but the winner is…

  • Scott Streetman

Scott lost 2.5% body fat and 2.5 inches on his waist, plus gained 30 pounds on his back squat!

Most Body Fat % Lost This was quite incredible. This winner lost 4.5% body fat in just 30 days! And for that, he gets a free 60-minute massage and Sanitas hoodie. The winner is…

  • Will Payne

Runner-Up to Grand Prize Just a point away from the top score, this challenger has earned a free pair of Newton Running Shoes! She added 65 pounds to her 7 rep max back squat in just 30 days!

  • Rebecca Baldwin-Kordick

Crossfit Sanitas clean challenge winner

Grand Prize Winner Top scorer in clean-living points and fitness test improvements; and winner of a lululemon shirt and a 1-year supply of bacon from Locavore Delivery

  • Scott Trueheart

Scott added 30 pounds to his back squat all while losing 2.3% body fat in just 30 days! 




Excellent work everyone…we can’t wait for the next one!