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Weekend Class Schedule: We’re Going Outside!

There will be no classes at the gym this weekend. All classes at Centennial Middle School.

This Saturday and Sunday, July 15 & 16, we’ll be hosting track workouts at Centennial Middle School. Why?! To keep things spicy and interesting, of course! Plus, think of all that vitamin D!

There will be no classes at the gym this weekend.
Meet at the track at Centennial at the following times either Saturday or Sunday:

  • 7:30a
  • 8:30a

The other reason we won’t be in the gym is because we’re hosting the CrossFit Weightlifting Course this weekend so that our coaches, and others around Colorado, can further their education and skills in the art of teaching the snatch and clean & jerk.

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The Most Common, and Dangerous, Word in CrossFit

I hear it all the time when I say, “How’d that workout go?!” or “Dang! You crushed that!”

I get the response, “It was good, but I only did 65 pounds,” or “Yeah, but I only did knee push-ups,”

Do you know how many humans would kill to be able to press, squat or even deadlift 65 pounds… or have the ability to push themselves up off of the floor over and over again using just the power of their own body and arms! It’s all relative. It’s not about being the strongest or fastest in the gym. It’s about working toward becoming the strongest and fastest and, most importantly, healthiest version of yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short on your accomplishments. This word “only” can be incredibly toxic to your motivation, goals and pride. It inherently feeds this notion that whatever you achieved that day doesn’t meet some made-up standard. It strips you of your success and leaves an asterisk of, “…but it wasn’t a success…” This mentality could leave you feeling like you’re not good enough; or worse, lead you to push yourself beyond your means and risk injury because you’re too focused on the number.

Now don’t get me wrong. You should always be striving to do bigger and better things than you could before, but not without first acknowledging your success of the day! Every day you’re able to get into the gym, lift some weights, move your body, and attempt things that at one point in your life seemed impossible, you’re doing something incredible!

Next time you feel inclined to say you “only” did something, remember how much time, effort, and work went into your ability to accomplish that something. Remember how much of a badass you really are!

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Sleep, Recovery, and Athletic Performance

Sleeps effect on The Central Nervous System (CNS) “The central nervous system (CNS) controls most functions of the body and mind. It consists of two parts: the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is the center of our thoughts, the interpreter of our external environment, and the origin of control over body movement.” The […]

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June Member of the Month: Liati Huff

Our June Member of the Month is Liati Huff Liati has been a member of CrossFit Sanitas ever since her 35th birthday. Her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched every time she enters the gym. She is a consistent member of the CrossFit Sanitas Strength class and has made huge strides over the past few years! She is […]

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Back Health and Injury Prevention Seminar, June 15th @ 6pm

Coach Stacey will be hosting a back health and core strength seminar on Thursday June 15th at 6:00pm. The seminar is geared toward athletes who suffer from chronic back pain or tightness or those who want to learn additional methods to strengthen their core (aka get rock hard tasty abs). Participants will run through a […]

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Sanitas Strength Class: New Cycle Starts June 5, 2017

Have you been interested in joining the CrossFit Sanitas Strength Class? Are you wondering whether or not it is for you and would you benefit from it? Well, here’s the low down… Sanitas Strength Class 101 You can hop in at any point during a strength cycle as we move through micro-cycles, meso-cycles, and macro-cycles […]

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Top Reset Challengers at Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas

Thank you to everyone that made it out last week to our Clean Challenge Wrap-Up celebration! It was a blast to hang out with everyone outside the gym (in real people clothes) and enjoy some good food and drink from our friends at The Rayback Collective! In case you missed the action, here’s the recap […]

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How To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Please join maverick Boulder internal medicine physician Bill Blanchet as he shares his clinical research on two of the country’s biggest killers. Dr Blanchet breaks from the medical establishment to explain how you can easily assess your risk, how seemingly unrelated factors like sleep apnea and gum disease can increase your risk, and what to […]

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What are “Macros” and Why They’re More Important Than Calories

You’ve probably heard the word “macro” before and I’m sure you’ve heard someone talk about how they track their macros, or how many macros they get to eat, etc. So what the heck are macros? Macro simply stands for macronutrients, and the Webster Medical definition of macronutrients is: “a substance (as a protein, carbohydrate, or […]

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Welcome Our New Coach, Elissa Morello!

Hey athletes! You may have noticed a new face around the gym in class, especially around the 9:30a time. Her name is Elissa Morello and she’s our newest coach at CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder. Elissa is coming to us with her family (be sure to say hi to her super cute little boy, Brody, in […]

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