Cutting Back on Alcohol? Try Bitters with Club Soda

525480b6697ab0616c00ef94._w.332_h.500_s.fit_It can be very difficult to go out with friends to a nice dinner and not order wine or a fun cocktail of some kind. It tastes good, it’s relaxing and don’t you deserve it? If you’re trying to cut out alcohol during the clean challenge or just cut back in general, one option is bitters with club soda. If you can make it through that initial order and get something that still feels special, you might be surprised to see that you don’t feel deprived.  

Bitters have become all the rage…especially in Boulder. Most restaurants, like the Kitchen for instance, have several different kinds of bitters. They’re refreshing and fun and fit the bill for feeling kind of special. Here’s one from Boulder called Cocktail Punk.


This one from Colorado is great and it’s called Dram. I bought it at Cedar & Hyde off of Pearl Street. These are easy to make at home – just add a few drops of bitters to a glass of club soda. You can also add fruit, lime, mint, etc. to jazz it up.  As a bonus, bitters aid with digestion if consumed before a meal.