Benchmark WODs and Tracking Progress

What is CrossFit?

The Definition of CrossFit is: Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, performed at High Intensity!

Constantly Varied…

Lets take a glimpse at what we mean when we talk about constantly varied. Does this mean a randomized selection of workouts from some far off database and placed into the calendar without regard for how these workouts fit together? No, that is the exact opposite of what we are trying to do in order to move the needle and drive progress.

Progress is driven through carefully thought-out programming that takes into account the utilization of different energy systems, movement patterns, and multiple training modalities. This allows us to keep intensity relatively high while letting certain systems rest and recover.

The Downside of Varied… “How do I know if I am improving?”

We talk in CrossFit about developing training stimuli that are Measurable and Repeatable. Here is where the programming can be helpful along constantly logging your scores in Wodify. We will keep the tenants of CrossFit by keeping the day to day and week to week varied, but the programming from here on out will have benchmark workouts repeated every 75-90 days in order to keep with the idea of Measurable and Repeatable data. This will allow you to see where you are improving and maybe where you might need some work. At the beginning of every month there will be a post with a calendar of specific benchmark workouts that you will see over the course of the month.

The Month of May will see the repeat of various workouts that we saw from January-April and the repeat of the Clean Challenge Tests from a month ago. Over the last 10 days and into the first 3 weeks of the month of May our Focus is running conditioning, as some of you are training for the Bolder Boulder or trying to PR your Mile TT or maybe even your “Murph” time. Each month we will switch gears and have a clear focus on a movement that a lot of athletes are struggling with. The Month of June will be a Squat Focus in class, as well as implementing a pull-up strength progression to get people their first pull-up, and we will be also implementing a Double Under Challenge to have people work on getting those pesky double-unders mastered.

It’s sunshine and BBQ season!  Lets’ get outside and enjoy that Vitamin D!

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