Baking Contest + WOD with Tom!

Hey all! To officially wrap-up my professional career at Sanitas, we’re going to blow it up big — baked goods and a WOD! I know. A real rager. You’re welcome.

So what’s the plan? Meet us at CrossFit Sanitas on Dec. 7th for a super fun group workout that I’ll program, and then stay after to hangout, have a drink, and try some awesome baked goods in our first-ever Baked at CrossFit Contest!

Baking Contest Details

Bake anything you want, in any category of baking you desire, and bring a batch to the gym on Dec. 7. The winner will be Tom’s favorite winner. (I don’t like snickerdoodles.)

Tom’s favorite will win a free month at CrossFit Sanitas!

Need to Know

Where: CrossFit Sanitas

When: December 7, WOD at 3:30pm – Eat baked goods and hangout at 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Anything else: Gym will be open around 3pm if you need to get some extra warm. No cost for anything. Come for the workout, or the bake-off, or both! Just come hangout and have a good time.


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