Active Hip Openers | Movements to Relieve Back Pain

Sitting all day can create some seriously tight hip flexors. Add to that ALL the squats and violent hip extension as well as some cycling or hiking, your hips will get seriously tight. Being Boulder is tough. #thestruggleisreal

Feeling tightness in our pockets when we sit, squat, or get on the bike is definitely affecting our performance. It can look like lack of explosiveness out of the hole, show up as back discomfort as well as knee pain.

Highly reduced hip mobility creates strain and disfunction in the sacral and lumbar regions of the spine. Rigidity and inflexibility here can wreak havoc locally and continue to travel all the way up to the neck and head. Any one have any tension headaches?!

Here are a few exercises you can do anytime to open those hips in the right way. Have fun following Tom!!

“It’s a backbend people”
-Jillian Michaels

Glute Bridge
Lie with your back and feet flat against the ground; knees are bent; hands by side or on chest.
Squeeze glutes and lift your belly towards the sky being sure to SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES at the top!

Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas          Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 1

Crab Bridge
Similar to the glutes bridge but on all fours, squeeze your glutes and push the pelvis toward the ceiling as high as you can!

*Note*if you have shoulder injuries this may not be for you

Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 2          Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 7
Thoracic Bridge
Start in a crawling position on all fours.
Bring your weight to your hands and the balls of your toes.
Take your right leg and bring it through the left arm and leg causing your body to twist.
Keep your right arm pointing in the direction your leg reached through; in this case left
SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES and push your pelvis toward ceiling.

Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 8          Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 9

Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 10
Camel Pose
Begin this movement on your knees with your glutes off of the heels.
Extend both arms out in front of you.
One arm stays extended and the second reaches behind you to touch the same ankle.
Repeat the process and alternate arms.

Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 11          Hip Mobility CrossFit Boulder Sanitas 12


Please ask Wendy or any of the coaching staff for help with movement execution.

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