Accelerate Your Results! Join the Clean Challenge Starting Aug 26!

Our goal is to make this the biggest Clean Challenge we’ve done to date! We firmly believe we’ve set it up for the highest level of success, without making you feel like you’re sacrificing very much at all.

This 4-week challenge will have one winner, the individual who gets the most points by completing a list of daily tasks; including no sugar or alcohol, eating balanced meals, working out, eating more veggies, etc. The challenger with the most points at the end of the month will win a huge prize-bundle including free massage/acupuncture, SFH products, locally sourced meat from Locavore Delivery and more!

Register Here – $45

Non-members can register for an additional fee – $65 total

*You’ll register for “free” and then we’ll charge your card on file 1 week after the challenge starts.*

What’s the Focus of this Clean Challenge?

We want you to achieve your goals! For some, that may be losing fat, building muscle, being more consistent in the gym, learning more about nutrition, or even improving your relationship with food. Sometimes that’s a very slow process, so let’s give you a jump start, and little extra push from some competition with your fellow Sanitas athletes.

What Do I Have to Do?

You’ll have a variety of “good habits” to complete as often as possible throughout the 4 weeks of the challenge. Some are daily items, some are weekly.

Some tasks include:

  • Eat a balanced breakfast
  • Did not use phone while eating
  • No alcohol or sugar for the day
  • Was in bed for 8 hours (you can’t get 7 hours of sleep if you’re only in bed for 6 hours)

There are plenty more, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. Instead of a long list of restrictions, we came up with 1-2 restrictions and a list of good habits to maintain. Do something every day for 4 weeks, you may have a new habit in your routine to carry over into regular life. Reminder — This is the real goal.

What if I Need Help?

We’re expecting you to need help! Otherwise, you’d be doing this already on your own. Each of you will be placed on a team led by one of the coaches. This will be your dedicated support network through the challenge when you need help, advice, recipe inspiration, or just a little peer pressure.

Your coach, as well as your team, will be there to answer any questions you have and support you through the entire challenge. We’ll also have you complete a food log for the first week that your coach will review to ensure you’re on the right track for the remainder of the month.

All participants will also get tons of information sent directly to your inbox, including exclusive content being released for this challenge covering subjects from how to shop and save time/money on meals to mindfulness, gut biome health, and nutrient timing.

How will we track success?

Our biggest indicator for success will be, “Did you learn something that will carry over into your new, daily routine?”

But of course, it’s good to have some measurable markers of success:

  • 3 fitness tests performed at the beginning and end of the challenge
  • Muscle mass difference
  • Body fat difference
  • Overall point total for tracking and completing daily tasks

What’s included with the Challenge?

  • Group Q&A before the challenge begins to set you up for success
  • Up to 4 body fat/muscle mass and inflammation test on InBody 570 ($160 value)
  • Food log in google sheets to be shared with and reviewed by your coach your first week. Your coach will be looking at things like ($80 value):
    • Meal timing
    • Pre and post workout nutrition
    • Are you eating enough
    • Are you eating enough vegetables, etc.
  • Access to Clean Challenge app to track all of your “tasks” off for the day, and see how you’re doing relative to other challengers
  • Detailed recommended food list for accountability
  • Tons of articles and recipes for inspiration (priceless)

Boring, yet Important Details

  • Tuesday, August 20th at 6pm: Q&A for all participants and people interested in joining
  • Friday, August 23rd at midnight: Deadline for registration
  • Monday, August 26th: The Clean Challenge begins
  • The challenge will last 4 weeks
  • We’ll do 3 fitness tests in the first and final weeks of the challenge
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Register Here – $45

Non-members can register for an additional fee – $65 total

*You’ll register for “free” and then we’ll charge your card on file 1 week after the challenge starts.*

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