4 Years Running – Voted Best CrossFit in Boulder

Best CrossFit in Boulder

If you haven’t heard, we were recently named the Best CrossFit Gym (4th year in a row) and Best Place to Workout in Boulder (3rd year in a row) by the Colorado Daily!

I’m going to keep this short. Thank you. Truly, though. Thank you to everyone in the Sanitas community; to those still here, to those that moved away, to those that haven’t yet made it through our doors, you are all what makes CrossFit Sanitas the best CrossFit Gym out there!

Below you can read the write-up that can be found in Colorado Daily’s 2019 CU & Boulder’s Best edition:

CrossFit enthusiasts are a dedicated bunch, but they can tell almost immediately if a facility understands their needs, or is just catering to grunty meatheads. That’s what has helped make CrossFit Sanitas a double-category winner, providing the kind of supportive and encouraging atmosphere that serves both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. Claire Mulholland, the facility’s member services coordinator and a five-year devotee of the exercise and training regimen, says CrossFit Sanitas very purposely tried to avoid the classic gym stereotypes.

“We work really hard to build a sense of community, as people come to find their tribe and build lifelong friends — and whether they identify with the vibe of the place,” she says. “We constantly have a discussion about creating a healthy lifestyle, and offer a variety of other services such as yoga and mobility classes, as our goal is overall fitness, not just burning calories.” To that end, CrossFit Sanitas provides access to physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and a cold plunge pool, plus broader health and lifestyle advice such as nutritional counseling. Mulholland says it’s the authentic atmosphere that has attracted so many devoted participants.

Want to see for yourself what makes CrossFit Sanitas so great?

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