4-Week Handstand Course w/ Mike Aidala

Learn trade secrets for how to balance and control yourself upside down. This 4-week intensive course is designed to help you learn how to build a rock solid core, strong and stable shoulders and gain tools towards body weight mastery.


  • You want to learn how to hold a handstand and control yourself upside down. This is A LOT more detailed than “kick up and pray”
  • You want to increase your shoulder strength and stability without a barbell.
  • You can hold a handstand at the wall for at least 20 seconds.
  • You want to have fun and spice up your training! (this program is designed to supplement your current training program)
  • You’re ready for the details and want to LEARN.


  • 8 training sessions each at 60 minutes long. Group size limited to ensure maximal results.
  • Knowledge for creating a personal bodyweight practice that you can take with you ANYWHERE.
  • Other arm balances that build strength, balance, focus and are straight up fun!
  • A proven process for how to hold yourself upside down.
  • Access to video library to some of the exercises covered in class so you can practice on your own. ($99 value)


  • 4-Week Handstand Intensive Class
  • Dates: Nov 27 – Dec 20
  • Time: Tuesdays/Thursday from 12:30pm – 1:30pm



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