2019 New Year Clean Challenge Results!

Thank you to everyone that made it out to our Clean Challenge Wrap-Up celebration at Rayback! In case you missed the action, here’s the recap of the 201 CrossFit Sanitas New Year Clean Challenge.

25 CrossFit Sanitas athletes committed to 4 weeks of clean living to not just shed some pounds, but to get stronger, fitter, sleep better, and above all, FEEL better.

This time we took a different approach… we had no restrictions as far as what you ate (just requirements for when you eat, a minimum number of vegetables, and checklists for other healthy habits like 7+ hours of sleep and less phone time) and we capped the registration so that each athlete participating received far more one-on-one attention, weekly food log reviews, and meetings with their coach in order to ensure the highest levels of success!

Before we mention the winners, we wanted to make some shoutouts to some top scorers from the Challenge!

Overall as a gym, here’s what you accomplished in 4 weeks:

  • Lost an average of 1.8% body fat
  • Increased muscle mass by nearly 2 pounds

These athletes all lost more than 2% body fat in 4 weeks!

  • Malin Blank
  • Laura Abernathie
  • Alexander Love
  • Jeffrey Parvin
  • Adam Keslosky

Top Scoring Team; Winning free Sanitas apparel item and bag of Pure SFH protein!

  • Coach Elissa
  • Jeffrey Parvin
  • Adam Keslosky
  • Jilmarie Stephens



  • Paleo Pack of locally raised meat from Locavore Delivery
  • 60-minute Massage or Acupuncture Session



  • TOP SCORER – Erica Van Steenis adding 45 pounds to Bear Complex total and took over 2.5 minutes off her timed workout
  • MOST BODY FAT LOST – Laura Abernathie losing 4.2% body fat!

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