2019 Member Survey Results + A New Benefit for Unlimited Members

Thank you all for taking the time to fill out our survey. We had more than 150 responses! First I’ve listed what you asked for and how we plan to address the things you mentioned. At the bottom, I included some of the things you collectively love about Sanitas and a new, free benefit included in monthly unlimited memberships.


More One-to-One Feedback and Attention from Coaches

  • We heard you…you love the corrections you receive in class and you want more of that and more one-on-one engagement with the coaches.

Individualized Programming

  • Because each day both your body feels different and your goals may be different, you will see our daily workouts differentiated into 3 categories going forward (Fitness, Performance & Competition). You can read more about our individualized programming here.

Improve Schedule and Space Sharing during Peak Times

  • We are revisiting the schedule to minimize overlapping classes.
  • Our new open gym policy will make the best use of our shared space and reduce noise levels during the instructional time of the WOD. You can read the new open gym policy here.
  • We created a dedicated space for BaseCamp near the treadmill.

Curated Music Playlists

  • More varied playlists that keep your energy high during each workout with a focus on rock, hip hop and pop.

Mobility After Every Class

  • This will ensure improvements in every athlete’s range of motion and longevity as an athlete.

Open Gym by 5:20a on Weekdays

  • This is now in the schedule and will allow athletes in the 5:30a class has some time to roll out and prepare.


More varied Community Events

  • Keep an eye out for upcoming events to be announced soon.
  • Email claire@crossfitsanitas.com with any suggestions.

Better Communication within the Gym

  • We’ll be introducing daily announcements with info on events, schedule, nutrition tips, etc. These will be discussed during the workout to ensure that everyone is well-informed.

Facility **

  • Chemdry came and cleaned the turf and kids’ room carpeting.
  • We run the commercial floor cleaner nightly.
  • The front desk staff will work to keep the bathrooms clean and well-stocked.
  • Coaches will make sure that everyone puts their equipment away.

**We love our Sanitas community, and do our best to keep it clean. Please help us make it a better place for everyone by cleaning up your spills, making sure paper towels and little bits of toilet paper make it into trash bins, and putting all equipment back when you’re done. If something needs our attention, don’t hesitate to let us know.


  • The coaches: beyond being excellent coaches, it was clear that you love the coaches as friends…Laura’s funny stories, Dwight’s ability to remember your last lift, Antonio’s sense of humor, Michael’s movie/Netflix updates, etc.
  • The community: you feel like both the staff and the members care about you, your health and your progress.
  • The schedule: 90+ classes a week makes it easy to be consistent + lots of specialty classes like endurance, strength, gymnastics, mobility, etc.
  • The facility: very clean with great equipment and you love the access to the onsite massage, PT, rolfing and acupuncture.

In your own words:

“The community is easily the best. I could workout anywhere but have continued to come to Sanitas because the people there are great.”

“The coaches are AMAZING and the number of classes are really, really nice. Those two things set you apart.”

“Everyone shows up ready to work hard and encourage you, but aren’t so intense that you can’t have fun.”

“Such a friendly environment, not pretentious, just inviting – no matter your level. Best gym I’ve ever been a member of.

“The community. These are some my best friends in Boulder.”



  • Unlimited members will now get one free InBody570 scan every month. This is one of the best body composition machines on the market and costs $10k. We want you to better understand your weight and changes in your body. One body scan monthly is available to all unlimited members free of charge.


Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey. We are always looking to improve, so please feel free to email feedback/ideas to Claire or Melissa or stop by the front desk.

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