2019 Fall Clean Challenge Results & Success Stories!

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We had nearly 60 Sanitas athletes compete in our 2019 Fall Clean Challenge and the results are in!

  1. Emi Takeuchi – 490 points
  2. Julie Barnum – 478 points
  3. Trish Gerlitz – 474 points

Emi will get $30 to spend in our Locavore freezer, a bottle of SFH fish oil, and a free 60-minute massage for being the top scorer in this challenge. Congratulations to Emi and all of the athletes that dedicated their final 4 weeks of summer toward improving their health.

Reasons for joining this challenge were as varied as the workouts we do, and yet with a few “simple” tasks and guidelines to follow over 4 weeks, we have witnessed some incredible results!

Here’s what we didn’t do:

  • Strict/limited dieting
  • Endless workouts
  • Obsessive weigh-ins/measurements

Here’s what we DID do:

  • Limited sugar and alcohol
  • Ate as many vegetables as possible
  • Made sure to eat enough food each day to support lifestyle
  • Prioritized sleep
  • Worked out 1 hour/day 3-5 times a week

A Few Success Stories from this Challenge

“This challenge forced me to step back and really see the amount of sugar I’ve been adding into my diet, intentionally or not. It also made me question myself on *why* I want sugar when I want it. Is it a wonderful homemade concoction that commemorates a truly special occasion that I’m sharing with family/friends, or am I bored/tired/stressed out and think I *need* sugar to get through it? I’m not going to completely cut out sugar, but I’ve definitely reformed how I think about it, and I’m craving it way less than I did before. When cravings do it, I’m also more able to step back and assess whether or not it’s worth the potential side effects of consuming sugar (e.g., mental fog, increased heart rate, shakiness, anxiety – if I eat enough of it). Also, side note, holy cow I’m eating so many more vegetables now!” — Julie

  • Body Fat: 22.3% down to 19.2%
  • Muscle Mass: Gained .4 pounds of muscle

“So I’m pretty stoked by the results of my clean challenge. I’m just around my 1yr Sanitas anniversary, and so I signed up with the hopes that 1) the commitment would prevent beginning of the semester stress from having me only make it in 2x/week, and 2) to figure out a small sustainable step I could take on the nutrition front.

It turned out way better than I hoped. My jaw actually dropped when I saw the results of my last InBody scan. I somehow lost 8.2 lbs body fat and even gained a pound of muscle.

Moreover, I made it to the box 5x every week, became a meal prep master, didn’t drink for the entire challenge, and every day for the first week found myself cursing, “WTF?!? This has sugar in it too?? Why?!!”  — No Name (but I promise he’s real)

  • Body Fat: Lost 8.2 pounds of fat
  • Muscle Mass: Gained 1 pound of muscle

“My 1RM OH squat is now 30lbs heavier after the clean challenge! Gained about 2.5lbs muscle and lost aprox 1% body fat. Not alot, but just enough to PR every clean challenge test this week!” — Another secret challenger

“Yay! I put 30lbs on my overhead, and went from powering through a party sized bag of Hershey Kisses every two weeks to no candy at all” — Secret Identity Will Remain Secret

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